The NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML is still the most frequently requested file on NCSA's Web servers per stats distributed in December 1996. Thanks for your interest in the guide.

The guide is used by many to start to understand the hypertext markup language (HTML) used on the World Wide Web. It is an introduction and does not pretend to offer instructions on every aspect of HTML. Links to additional Web-based resources about HTML and other related aspects of preparing files are provided at the end of the guide.

A trip to your local bookstore would be helpful because there are scores of books available about HTML. Perhaps after reading NCSA's guide you will have a better idea which book to purchase for additional information and for reference.

Once you have read through the guide, you might want to take a look at NCSA's magazine Access Online. Access Online uses more advanced HTML techniques so you might not understand them all initially. However, looking at some of the source documents would be a great way to learn more about HTML.

The pubs alias receives many requests for assistance and HTML help. Please note that questions to the pubs alias are answered on a time available basis. It is not monitored daily.

You can print the guide for your personal use by using your brower's Print feature. If you would like to use the guide for other purposes, please email to request permission. Please put "permission to use guide" in your subject line to expedite your request and give complete information about how you would like to use the primer. It is best to request permission at least one month in advance of your event or class.

To make downloading the guide easier, you now have a choice: you can access one large file (68K) or you can access three shorter (and thus smaller) files in sequence.

The Web is an exciting venue for information development and dissemination. Good luck with your file development!

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications

This guide was created at NCSA located at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Copyright by the Board of
Trustees of the University of Illinois. Used with permission.

Last Modified: December 19, 1996