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The Computer Science Department operates 109 computer systems providing support for its teaching and research programs. These machines range from simple personal computers which are used for secretarial purposes to powerful graphics systems used in virtual reality research programs. These machines have a total of 41982M bytes of main processor memory and 2,795,942M bytes of disk storage.

Nearly all of these systems are accessable by computer science students in a consistent fashion through the department's NIS server. The department also runs a number of NFS and WEB servers.

Computer Science Department Unix machines are available through the internet 24 hours per day. Machine consoles may be accessed week days from 8:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. unless a lab room is in use for a scheduled class. Weekend hours depend on the Halsell building access hours. Lab rooms are locked except during normal weekday working hours. Lab lock codes are available to students, faculty and staff on a need basis. Current lock codes may be obtained from the Computer Science Department.

The Computer Science Department maintains several FTP servers. For security reasons, direct FTP access of most of these servers is restricted to the Trinity.Edu network. However one of these servers is accessable via the web. This server provides RedHat Linux Distributions (Updated Intel 7.1 and Linuxppc) which students, faculty and staff may install on their machines. Contact Professor Howland for additional information.

To access the Computer Science Department Unix machines from a Windows95/98 or WindowsNT machine you can install the MI/X or CYGWIN .

Status of some of the Department's machines at this minute.

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