This tutorial covers some of the features of HP-UX or Hewlett Packards Unix operating system. It has been tested under HP-UX v9.01, since that is what we use here. It is intended to be a guide for users who are just starting to learn HP-UX. Currently it consists of nine chapters. Take a look at the table of contents.

This tutorial was written for the students and faculty at the University of Florida Department of Electrical Engineering. Therefore some sections are site specific, especially the Getting Started chapter. Also we mainly use the T-shell at this site so there is a chapter devoted to it.

This tutorial can be done interactively. Since you are using Mosaic as your browser you can use another windows to type in the commands as you are reading about them -- learn by doing --. If you are in the EE labs there is information in the Getting Started chapter on obtaining the files.

I have included a form to review the tutorial, and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions since this is my first long hypertext document

Scott Miller

Last Modified: 4/21/94 by Scott Miller