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NEWS FLASH, November 3, 2001
The programming teams from the Department of Computer Science at Trinity University competed in the Southwest Regional Programming Contest at Lousiana State University, held November Sixty-nine teams competed in the contest. Trinity team goat came in third overall, second among schools without graduate programs, and Trinity team white was in sixth place overall, third among schools without graduate programs. The University of Texas as Austin beta team took first place overall, and LeTourneau's star-bellied sneeches team came in second.

The Trinity teams scored very well against some tough competition. Both of Trinity's teams beat 3 of 4 teams sent by UTAustin, and beat both of the teams sent by Texas A&M.

The programming contest consisted of eight problems. There were eleven teams that solved three or more problems, two teams solving four problems, and one team solved six problems.

UT Austin beta solved six problems. LeTourneau star-bellied sneeches solved four problems, as did Trinity goat, but goat was just slightly behind in time to take third place. Only three teams solved four or more problems, Trinity goat being one of them.

Congratulations to third place team goat: Tom Bankston, Dimitri Brown, and Chris Smith.

Congratulations to sixth place team white: Patrick Lioi, Alex Kolliopolous, Nickolas Wing.

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Trinity University ACM Programming Teams have been successful in the ACM South Central Regional Programming Contest, Division II (Schools without graduate programs in Computer Science) in recent years.

In 2000, Trinity University's ACM Programming team, Tom Bankston, Dimitri Brown, Ben Truitt and alternate Chris Smith competed in the 2000 ACM South-Central Programming contest at Louisiana State University, November 18, 2000.

The team placed 2nd (3rd place overall amoung 57 teams participating in the 2000 contest) Division II (schools without graduate programs in computer science).

In 1999, a team of Tom Bankston, Dimitri Brown and Ben Truit won 1st place. In 1998, a team of Tom Bankston, Daryl Shannon and Mike Cotten won 5th place and a team of Scott Schaefer, Ming Chui and Mike Hambridge won 6th place. In 1997, a team of Tyson Weihs, Ashley Moore and Alan Brock won 2nd place. In 1995, a team of Mark Lewis, Doug Conyers and Andy Arana won 2nd place and a team of Bill Randall, Jason Pounds and Brian Duelm won 4th place. In 1990, a team of Jeff Emrick, David Baily, William Chenault and Patrick Magruder won 2nd place. In 1989, a team of Bill Chenault, Dawn Culbertson, Jeff Emrick and Elizabeth Rodriguez won 4th place.

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