Ben Plummer and Paula Ward Autumn Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


In this edition of Tidbits I feature foliage photographs by two retired friends from Trinity University
Ben Plummer is a retired chemistry professor still living with his wife in San Antonio
Paula Ward formerly was on the Public Relations staff before returning with her husband to the Blue Ridge Mountains
Paula regularly sends me humor items for my editions of Tidbits
In the next edition of Tidbits I will feature the latest photographs taken by New Hampshire photographer Wes Lavin

The photographs shown first below are the ones recently sent to me by Paula
Autumn comes a little later to the Blue Ridge Mountains, but eventually the foliage is spectacular












Below are some of the foliage pictures sent to me by Ben Plummer in San Antonio
San Antonio does not have much of a foliage season
However, Ben and his wife travel a great deal to other sites
Some of them were probably taken a few years back on a trip to New Hampshire












Set 6 (2013)  Foliage Photographs Featuring Ben Plummer's Visit
to New Hampshire (2009) and Zimbabwe (2013)  


A picture of Paula Ward standing among Texas wildflowers can be found by scrolling down at


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