Set 1 of My Favorite Adjoining Golf Course Photographs
The First Nine-Hole Course in New Hampshire (1897)

Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I don't play golf, although one of the attractions when we purchased our cottage was a historic golf course
And one of the attractions of this particular historic course is that it can never be developed into anything else
It's in land conservatency as part of the Ammonnoosuc Trust

Our cottage sits where there was once a grand old mountain hotel named the Sunset Hill House Resort Hotel
The Sunset Hill Resort Golf Course was opened in connection with this hotel in 1897
The slightly older Mt. Washington Hotel 18-hole course was opened in 1895
The Sunset Hill Resort hotel was torn down in the 1970s, but the golf course still operates under the management
of the smaller remaining bed and breakfast hotel known as the Sunset Hill House Hotel (the former Annex)

The main hotel was torn down in an interesting manner in 1973. Each room was sold at auction
and a buyer of a room could take everything from the room, including the furniture, fixtures, windows, and floors.
The remaining structure was then burned down along with most surrounding buildings.
Buildings remaining to date include two of the three VIP cottages, the power house (my barn), the
golf clubhouse, and the Annex which was eventually renovated to become the current Sunset Hill House Hotel.

The resort's golf course is one of the early courses that did not ban women from playing golf on the course
Today New Hampshire is the only state having only women elected to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House
as well as having a female Governor

Our home was originally the golf club house in the 1800s
It later became the tennis club house until it was converted into one of the three rental cottages as part of the resort
In the late 1970s our cottage (known as Brayton Cottage)  was moved to to the site of the big hotel
We only own four acres, but with the golf course on two sides
It feels like we have a 74 acre yard with 70 acres I don't have to mow
This is our cottage today after being moved to the site of the demolished hotel

Our living room has the same view that used to be the view from the big hotel's dining room
Note Ore Hill in the foreground and the Kinsman Range in the background

Here's Mt. Lafayette in the Kinsman Range

We can also see the towering Mt Washington in the Presidential Range

Our split rail fence on the back side divides the part I mow from the golf course
In the barn I have hundreds of recovered golf balls

As seen from our back bedroom

This is the historic golf club house as it still looks today (nothing fancy about it or the golf course)
It will soon be part of the New Hampshire Historical Register as one of the State's oldest recreation buildings

These days golf carts help with the hills

The current Sunset Hill House Hotel as seen from the club house and my rail fence

Nearby Ore Hill where iron ore was at one time loaded on mules and hauled to a smelter in Franconia
Where truly fine Franconio Stoves were made from the iron

There used to be tame ducks on the golf course
That were eventually too tame and became pests begging for food from golfers
The ducks were also vulnerable to our coyotes, bobcats, and huge fisher cats that scream in the night

The golf course still uses an old Massey Ferguson tractor (that should be in the State's historical register)
I'm told this tractor had a Continental engine that refuses to die





Our Cottage's History

Sunset Hill Hotel Resort History Set 01 ---   

After the Sunset Hill Hotel Resort was nearly all demolished in 1973, our cottage (before it was ours)
was moved in 1977 from the golf course across a tennis court and up to where the former hotel site.
I show pictures of the preparation work prior to the moving the cottage and its four fireplaces

Next I show pictures of the move to the new site 

Next I show the pictures of a 1980 spectacular fire on one of the remaining three cottages








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Our address is 190 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Our cottage was known as the Brayton Cottage in the early 1900s
Sunset Hill is a ridge overlooking with New Hampshire's White Mountains to the East
and Vermont's Green Mountains to the West


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