Happy Holidays
These are some of my favorite cartoons received from friends over the year (Set 2)
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

Erika's Set Up for a Holiday Dinner Party Inside the Cottage

She will never be a U.S. Senator from California

This was sent to us by a friend in Texas

Survival of the Fittest

Communism is a Smarter Way


Not much snow yet, but it turned very cold!



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A Holiday Letter from my distant cousin Chris Faye
His father was a Norwegian Lutheran Missionary in Zulu Kingdom before becoming a Reference Librarian at the University of Illinois

Christmas Letter 2011

(This is Chrisí VersionóRuth claims no responsibility)

Even though I was born on November 28, 1926 so I officially became 85 on November 28, 2011, I donít view it that way. The way I see it was that I am $84.95 plus tax. But I think I will agree with Ruth. She has no responsibility for this document; I donít either.

Hereís whyÖ

I am too old to have any responsibility. When I was young the Dead Sea wasnít dead. It was slightly sick. I am so old and slow that it takes me 90 minutes to watch the television program called "60 minutes." I received official notification that my blood type had been discontinued. I trip over cordless phones. My concept of late night television is the 6 Oíclock news. I donít buy green bananas any more. My social security number is 7. I have finally decided that the main difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limitation. I donít think I have limitations except that I now find that I am frequently losing arguments with inanimate objects.

We donít travel anymore. There are several reasons. One is a recent experience we had on an airplane. Three engines had gone out. Then one of the stewardesses asked "Does anyone have a jumper cable?" Then the pilot appeared wearing a parachute. He said: Weíve got a lot of problems, but donít worry Iím going for help." The plane only had four engines. I explained to Ruth: "Weíre already late for our connecting flight. If that last engine goes, we might be up here all night." There are a few good things about flying. The large planes crash very little. They only crash once. A bad thing is when you go to the airline counter to ask about your luggage and find the agent wearing your clothes.

We regret that we donít travel any more. The reason is our Minnesota weather. It gets so cold here that if I would try to comb my hair when I am outside it would break. Some of the snowmen that kids in our neighborhood built have tried to get into our home.

We celebrated the 59th anniversary of our marriage on October 19, 2011. No marriage could have lasted that long if both the husband and the wife were not good to each other. Let me give you an example. Last winter we had a week in which the temperature was about 30 degrees below zero. There was about 30 inches of snow. And the North wind was actually howling. One day in that week Ruth saw me looking through our kitchen window for what she said was about 2 hours. She told me that if the temperature had kept on dropping, the wind kept on howling, and the snow kept piling up for another 10 minutes or so she would have let me in the house.

We regret the state of our economy. Just three examples: We received a pre-declined credit card offer in the mail. Exxon Mobil had to lay off 25 congressmen. If your bank returns your check marked insufficient funds, you should call and ask them if they meant you or them.

A historical note: A number of years ago men would gather, hit the ground with clubs and swear a lot. At that time they called it witchcraft. Now they call it golf. I went to my doctor who, after examining me said: "Chris you are working too hard. You have to get some recreation. You should play at 36 holes a day. You also should move away from this climate in the winter otherwise you wonít be able to do this. I refused. I simply bought a harmonica that had 36 holes.

And finally a Christmas Poem

Roses are redish
Violets are bluish
If it wasnít for Christmas
We would all be Jewish.

Chris Faye
Mankato, Minnesota


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