The Seasonal Life Cycle of Bob Jensen's Impatiens
Part 1:  April-June

Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

Impatiens ---

Among the first flowers of spring are the phlox and bleeding hearts in our rock garden

But early perennials bloom for a disappointingly short time
After which the impatiens take over to give us color until October in the rock garden


My favorite outdoor annual is what Agway calls "Impatiens for the Sun."
I think they're also called New Guinea Impatiens
They grow very well in these mountains as long as you give them lots of water

Erika and I have beautiful perennials in our gardens ---
We also have beautiful wild roses that take almost no care

But our perennials (except for roses) are flashes in the pan that only bloom two or three weeks
I prefer the annuals that must be planted fresh every season and will bloom the entire season
I've tried various types of annuals in our pond gardens and rock garden

For example, I've tried beautiful alyssum, snap dragons, lilacs, lupine, and yellow bidens

You can see some of our lupines, irises, and tulips at

Erika spends most of her time at war with the Japanese beetles on her domestic roses

As the years pass by for us in these mountains, my favorite annual is the "Impatiens for the Sun"
Agway begins selling the seedlings in early April and by the middle of May nurseries up here are all sold out of impatiens for the sun
But we can have hard freezes into early June in these mountains
Hence I must purchase my seedlings in early April and keep them on tables and tarps in our living room and bedrooms
I generally by pay around $500 for all my impatiens seedlings, a few of which are shown below:

In May I bring in fresh new soil and mulch in our gardens
While the early perennials are still in bloom

In very early June I plant my impatiens seedlings in the pond gardens south of our cottage

I also put the largest seedlings in the rock garden on the north side of the cottage

In less than two weeks the seedlings commence grow and commence to bloom

Meanwhile Erika's domestic roses are blooming nicely

And they keep growing and blooming from June into September

In winter everything is white and frozen, but then this is another season

Here I sit reading and waiting for winter "to pass."

In the next editions of Tidbits I will show the Impatiens seasons for June-July and August-October
In October they die and are then buried in a land fill


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