Set 3 of Ice Pictures Featuring Ice on Mountain Rivers
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

The most destructive thing about winter is not the snow --- it's the ice
That glistening shining coatings on trees and bushes that look so beautiful
But ice is the Devil's freezing curse on vegetation and roadways
Five years ago I broke three ribs on ice, and two years later two ribs


We once had three birch trees on the island of our circular drive
Now only two remain


The trees in our grove trying to withstand the Devil's curse



So much beauty and so much destruction
Thus far our wild cherry tree has survived


Our Christmas lights fit in with the ice

As did the icicles hanging down from the roof


Wintertime year in and year out takes its toll on the huge maple trees in our field



About three miles down the road is the Gale River as it runs through Franconia Village
This is a beautiful mountain stream not recommended in any season for boats or swimming or even wading


The Gale River eventually runs into the much larger Ammonoosuc River
The Ammonoosuc River runs through Littleton about 10 miles from our cottage
The Native American meaning of "Ammonoosuc" is wild river


My friend Sonny O'Neal in Littleton lives alongside the Ammonoosuc River
One year, before we lived in New Hampshire, an ice jam flood swept his mobile home into the river
His five-year old daughter went under the water
Sonny reached down and miraculously found her arm
Later Sonny used his dump truck to haul in about 100 truck loads of fill
before building his present house higher up from the river.

This is an ice jam on the Ammonoosuc River


This is the ice going out on the river

Grist Mill ---
Littleton Grist Mill ---,_New_Hampshire

Located along the banks of the Ammonoosuc River is the Littleton Grist Mill. The historic mill first opened in 1798, and has been fully restored to its original appearance. Between 1867 and 1909, the local Kilburn Brothers factory published photographs, stereoviews, and sold stereoscopes, double-picture viewers popular in the Victorian age.

This is the Littleton Grist Mill in downtown Littleton
It remains along the shore of the Ammonoosuc River
It's now a gift store


This is an old railroad bridge across the Ammonoosuc River


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