Set 4 of Ice Pictures Featuring Ice on Mountain Rivers
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

After a balmy December with almost no snow, we finally got some winter in January.
We had about a foot on the ground on Monday, but alas warm days took most of that away.
Normally by now it would be above my knees. Sigh!
The big blizzard on January 2016 stayed south of New England

My snow thrower mostly sits and waits and waits


The most destructive thing about winter is not the snow --- it's the ice
That glistening shining coatings on trees and bushes that look so beautiful
But ice is the Devil's freezing curse on vegetation and roadways
Several years ago I broke three ribs on ice, and two years later two ribs

Before I added rim insulation to our cottage we used to get big icicles.

Several years ago we also lost one of our driveway birch trees after an ice storm


Icicles behind our Christmas stars


Our wild cranberries look prettier in snow than in ice

The birds of winter really don't care much for our cranberries until late in the season
They seem to at last eat the berries when there's nothing else to eat


Blue jays in New Hampshire seem bigger than the ones I recall as a kid in Iowa
This one rested a bit over our well head


These are the hydrangea bushes over the well head



My rental properties have no tenants in the winter


This is a zoomed shot of Mt. Washington that I took from my desk
Mt. Washington is one of the windiest places on earth
What seems like snow would blow away if the snow was not mixed in with heavy ice holding it down


This is the weather station and tourist platform atop Mt. Washington

Winds average 75 mph up here and often gust to well over 100 mph

Mt. Washington Winds ---


This is the road leading to Mt. Washington
After 15 spine surgeries Erika was rewarded with a handicapped parking tag
She waits for me, however, whenever I take the cog railroad to the top of  Mt. Washington


More of Bob Jensen's and Son Marshall's pictures of the Mt. Washington Cog Railroad


This is the Mt. Washington Hotel before the snow dropped on the hotel


When the wild turkeys are hungry enough they feed on the wild cherry tree south of our cottage


This is our wild cherry tree in a later year after an ice storm



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