Some of Wes Lavin's June 2016 Photographs

Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


Wes Lavin is a retired school teacher living in Ashland, NH
He sends me many fine photographs
I first met Wes a few years ago when he asked permission to film our wild roses
Wes has expensive camera equipment
His hobby is to travel around New England filming fields, flowers, animals, and festivals in all seasons
One of his favorite places that he returns to every year is around our cottage

This week I will mostly feature a few of the photographs he sent to me in June 2016
Below are some of his pictures of our cottage


Wes took this photograph standing in our front lawn facing eastward on a somewhat hazy day


Below is almost the same (extended) view on an antique post card
I did not shrink this post card scan so you can read the names of the mountains
Mountains 1-4 are in the Presidential Range (about 30 miles from our cottage)
Mountains 6 and 7 are in the Twin Range (about 20 miles from our cottage)
Mountains 8-15 are in the Kinsman Range (about 10 miles from our cottage)
Mountain 4 is the highest mountain
Mountain 9 looks higher simply because it is closer to our cottage
Mountain 4 is really over1,000 feet higher than Mountain 9
Some of these New Hampshire peaks are on the Appalachian Trall that terminates atop Mt. Katadin in Maine
The average daily wind speed atop Mountain 4 is 75 mph where some days it reaches over 150 mph

Scroll right or left to see the extended post card


This is the golf course on the south edge of our wildflower field
Note that the sign says "Protected by Dudley"
Dudley is a huge sheep dog that greets guests with a rubber ball in his mouth


This time of year our wild flower field is filled with lupine and daises
Wes took the picture below a couple weeks ago


Below is a Wes Lavin photograph of one of our wild roses


The picture below shows a row of our wild roses


This is a field down the road


Jackson NH is near the south end of Crawford Notch not far from North Conway
In late July Erika and I are invited to a wedding in Jackson's Wentworth Country Club
Wes took this spectacular shot of a bull moose near Jackson
Why do hunters want to kill beautiful beasts like this


This is the Mt. Washington Hotel at the north end of Crawford Notch


Wes took this sunrise shot in up north in Pittsburg, NH


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