Ancestors of John Elton Howland

My mother, Marjorie Edna (Cunningham) Howland, born 16 June 1915, died 18 December 2000, had a life-long interest in researching the origins of our family. Though she had only a high school education, she learned the techniques of genelogical research and managed to trace the history of our family back many generations. During the 1970's and early 1980's she managed, by visiting libraries, cemetaries and courthouses throughout the north eastern states and the Library of Congress, to trace the ancestory of her husband, Frank Elton Howland back to Pilgrim John Howland. The documents below are new versions of documents she prepared and hand published. About 20 copies were distributed to the grandchildren and cousins of my grandfather Frank George Howland. These documents have minor editorial changes from the originals which have been made by myself and my cousin Dr. Gary Dean Howland. We are re-publishing these materials primarily for other members of our family, however they may be of interest to other descendents of Pilgrim John Howland.

Pilgrim John Howland and One Line of Descent, by Marjorie Edna (Cunningham) Howland [ HTML ] [ TeX ] [ PS ] [ PDF ]

Seedtime and Harvest: Our Lives, by Greatgrandmother Mary Elizabeth (Courier) Heldenbrand [ HTML ] [ TeX ] [ PS ] [ PDF ]