My research spans the intersection between Computer Science and Genetics. The development of high-throughput biological methods (e.g. DNA sequencing, mass spectrometry, etc) has required the parallel development of new analysis and visualization approaches to translate these raw data into useful knowledge. To this end, my work focuses on the development and application of new algorithms, visualization techniques, and software tools to address import biological problems, with a specific focus on diseases of aging, such as cancer and osteoporosis.

Computational Areas of Interest:

  1. Machine Learning & Data Mining

  2. Large-scale Data Visualization

  3. Sequence/String Analysis Methods

  4. Graph analysis algorithms

Biological Areas of Interest:

  1. Gene Expression Profiling & Analysis

  2. Cell-type Specific Gene Function Prediction

  3. High-throughput Sequencing Analysis

  4. Diseases of Aging, including cancer and osteoporosis

See a list of my publications at my Google Scholar Profile.