CSCI 1311 - Lectures

This page is a lot more fun if you have Java installed. You only need the JRE.
Syllabus Links Schedule Grades

This is a list of the topics that we will tentatively be discussing each day of the semester. I will add links from each one to the slides that I use during the lecture. Those should be present the night before the lecture at the latest. Also listed are the readings for each day and what is due on those days.

Date Topic Reading/Scenarios Due
1-14 Introduction, Programming, and Greenfoot    
1-16 Interacting with Objects Greenfoot tutorial 1-15  
1-19 MLK Day (No Class)    
1-21 Solving a problem interactively in Greenfoot Puzzle Game Scenarios  
1-23 Types and the class diagram/Looking at code    
1-26 Coding in Greenfoot/Structure of Java/The API City Scenario, Java Structure  
1-28 Methods: actions and decomposition    
1-30 Show your code (top down design)   IcP 1 Solutions
2-2 Conditionals and Boolean logic   Quiz #1 (Answers)
2-4 Keyboard input String API page  
2-6 Show your code (doing more with Person)   IcP 2 Solutions
2-9 for Loops and Lists List API page Quiz #2 (Answers)
2-11 Using a List    
2-13 Objects with Properties    
2-16 No class    
2-18 Show your code   Quiz #3 (Answers) IcP 3 Solutions
2-20 Arrays and New Classes    
2-23 Arrays and Making New Scenarios    
2-25 Show your code/Review   IcP 4 Solutions
2-27 Test (Review Sheet) (Extra Credit)    
3-2 Files/Spreadsheet Processing Scanner API page, File API page, Spreadsheet Scenario  
3-4 SIGCSE (No class)    
3-6 SIGCSE (No class)    
3-9 Spring Break    
3-11 Spring Break     
3-13 Spring Break    
3-16 Simple Spreadsheet Games Double API page Project #1 Ideas
3-18 Advanced Spreadsheet Games PrintWriter API page  
3-20 Show your code Math API page IcP 5 Solutions
3-23 Optimization problems    
3-25 Minimum Spanning Tree   Project #1 Design
3-27 Show your code   IcP 6 Solutions
3-30 Text Processing/Maps HashMap API page  
4-1 More Text Processing   Project #1 Due
4-3 Show your code   IcP 7 Solutions
4-6 Shortest Path/Recursion   Quiz #4 (Answers)
4-8 Recursive Optimization    
4-10 Good Friday (No Class)    
4-13 Finish Shortest Path   Quiz #5 (Answers)
4-15 Show your code   IcP 8 Solutions
4-17 Scheduling (using spreadsheet) Spreadsheet2 Scenario  
4-20 Scheduler    
4-22 Eclipse/Applets Applet Tutorial, Full API Project #2 Ideas
4-24 Show your code   IcP 9 Solutions, Quiz #6 (Answers)
4-27 Applet Code    
4-29 Applet Code   Project #2 Designs
5-1 Show your code   IcP 10 Solutions
5-9 (Final Review)   Project #2 Due