This page contains updates for the course. You should refer here to find out if there is any new information that is important to the class.

12-4-2001 : I now have the two input files and two output files for assignment #7. (assn7_input.txt, assn7_output.txt, StoreLayout.txt, ShopList.txt)

11-14-2001 : Here are links to code for my solution to assignment #4. (assn4.cpp Section.h Section.cpp Student.h Student.cpp)

11-8-2001 : Here are sample input and sample output files for assignment #5.

11-1-2001 : Here is the solution set for the first test. Pay close attention to it because you never know if one of these questions might pop up on the final.

10-30-2001 : Finally I have a sample input and a sample output for assignment #4.

10-28-2001 : Here is the text document describing how to deal with multiple source files. I will be putting up other links tomorrow so keep watching this page.

10-10-2001 : Here are links to different solutions to assignment #2 (the code part). You can use these as a foundation for your assignment #3 but if you do so you should state where you got the code. (Global, Static, Reference, Best) Here are the sample input and output for assignment #3.

10-4-2001 : I've started to put up some sample drill problems. I highly suggest you look at the first set before the quiz. Drill Problems - Drill Answers

9-24-2001 : I'm posting the sample input and output files for assignment #2.

9-12-2001 : For those who do not want to wait until Friday here are copies of the Quiz #1 Answers and a helpsheet for Linux and vi.

9-8-2001 : I've added two more links to the links page. One describes remote access to the machines and the other is a second page to help you get around in Linux.

9-6-2001 : To log on from your windows machine you could use telnet, but I suggest that you use Putty. You should select the SSH mode so that it uses a secure shell and people can't see the data you are sending.

8-31-2001 : I forgot to mention in class that I will be posting my "lecture notes" on the web. My expectation is to have them available at least by the evening before class so that you can download them and use them during the class if you want.