CSCI 1320 - Updates

On this page I will be posting important information that you need to know for the class. I'll also be sending out e-mails, but you should check this page occasionally. It will have links on it to significant items.

12-7-2002 : You can now get the review sheet for the final.

11-30-2002: The last assignment descritpion has been posted as have the answers for quiz #5.

10-22-2002: The answers to the 4th quiz are available on the lectures page.

10-17-2002: You can get the answers to the test on the lectures page if you are interested. In addition, I've posted the description of assignment #5. Note that the due date is listed on the Friday of fall break. Because that is a holiday, there will be no poit deductions for programs turned in by noon of the following Monday. However, if you do that you shorten the gap between assignment #5 and #6 so getting it in on Thursday might be a better idea if you can do it.

10-5-2002: I've posted a description of assignment #4 that you can get on the lectures page. It's not due for 1.5 weeks, but you can be looking at it and thinking about it now. I've tried to describe the problems fairly well but you might have to ask me about them when I get back for a completely clear picture.

10-3-2002: The answers to the third quiz are availalbe on the lectures page. You can also now get a review sheet for the first test.

9-29-2002: If you go to the links page there are some drill problems posted. If requested, I'll try to put up some more simple programming examples.

9-25-2002: You can now get the description of assignment #3.

9-14-2002: If you look on the lectures page you will find that I have posted an answer key to quiz #1. Once those have been graded the grades will be available online as well. I have also posted a description of assignment #2.

9-7-2002: I have now posted the description of the first assignment. Let me know if you have any questions. You can do a lot of it now, but some parts you will need to know how to use a text editor for.