Assignment #8 Description

This assignment description is quite simple. Clean up your game and make it work as close to how you want it to work as you can. You will also clean it up and try to make it look prettier or whatever. Basically, you should be putting on the finishing touches.


The design for this assignment will include UML class diagrams for everything that constitutes your final game. It should also include text descriptions of your implementation of the GUIs that you create.

Remember that the design should put in comments for every class and method that tell two things. It needs to specify how the classes fit into the game play as well as give some implication as to what the methods are going to do to make that a reality. In this case you should also be doing clean-up work here. Make sure to go through and document everything that you have in your code and make sure the comments fit with the current implementation. Also, add comments for anything new that you add.

Again I recommend that this be submitted by putting the files generated in Together in the proper directory and send me a e-mail to let me know it is there.


The code here is whatever you need. For some of you you will want to clean up the logic a bit or make other alterations. For others you might just be playing with images and the screen editor to try to get everything to look nice. This is also the point where you have to decide what you can and can't get done and cut out the stuff that you can't really finish.