CSCI3290 Spring 2003

Independent Study in Java Programming

Professor Information: Dr. Mark Lewis, HAS 201K, 999-7022

Meeting Time: This needs to be decided early in the semester. At the beginning we probably need to meet for 2 hours each week, but we might cut that down to one hour later in the semester when most of what you are doing is coding.

Course Description: This course is designed for students who don't know Java, but are interested in getting up to speed in the language quickly and writing a significant and hopefully engaging project as part of a small programming team. For a more complete description of the project possibilities, go to the project page.

Grading: Your grade in the course will be determined by your participation in the development and coding of the project. This will be determined in a number of different ways. The most direct way will be when I look at the javadocs for the code that you submit. These need to include original authors and modification information for all classes and methods. We'll talk about documentation comments in Java and the javadoc tool early in the semester so you have some idea of what this all means. In addition to what is sitting in the documentation in the code, you will also all fill out self and group evaluations at regular intervals during the semester.

As you can see, this makes proper documentation of code extremely important. If you never document your changes it won't seem like you have been working at all.