CSCI3394-S09 Game Design

Instructor - Dr. Mark Lewis

Contact Information - Lewis - Office: HAS 228, Phone: 7022, e-mail:

Class Meetings - Wednesday at 2:30pm in HAS 228.

Text - There is no single required text for this course. However, you will be responsible for picking a book that fits that aspect of what you are working on and using it for this class. There are a number of books out there on game programming in various languages as well as on game design. If you want pointers just ask.

Description - This course is intended to give students experience with designing their own game. Grades will be determined in a manner very similar to how it would be done in the real world. That is to say that your grade will be determined by the quality of the product your group produces and how much you help with producing it.

The class will be broken into two groups that will work on their own games. Each group will have a lead programmer, and lead designer, and a lead artist. One of those will also serve as the project lead. It is the job of the leads to make sure that things are happening. In addition to working on the project, the leads for each area will oversee progress and make executive decisions as to how things are going to happen. The grades for the leads will include not only the work they do on the project, but their ability to work with those under them as well. The leads aren't actually in control of what happens in the class, but they will need to make final decisions when the group can't reach consensus. If other students experience issues with their leads, they should talk to the professors. One of the biggest challenges in this class is likely to be team dynamics. The projects will go a lot further if people try to work together on them.

Group Eval Questions