Scala Links


Scala for CS1 and CS2

Scala, Your Next Programming Language

Scala Website - The main Scala website.

Typesafe - This is the site of a company that was set up to provide commercial support for Scala.

Scala IDE Plug-in - This is the web site for the Scala Eclipse pluig-in.

Scala Documentation - The primary Scala documentation page.

Scala Cheat Sheet - I think the title says it all.

Simply Scala - A web site that can help you learn Scala.

Scala Quick Reference - A 6-page PDF that does what the name says.

Scala Style Guide - A web site with the current unofficial description of Scala style.

Scala: The Static Language that Feels Dynamic - A blog post by Bruce Eckel.

Twitter's Scala School - This is a series of lessons that Twitter put together to get experienced developers up to speed on Scala.

Why Scala seems difficult but really isn't - This is a blog post making the argument stated in the title.

Scala Every Day - A blog on Scala that describes itself as being for the every-day software craftsman.

Daily Scala - A blog with entries on some techniques in Scala.

One Language - An argument for learning Scala.

Scala Wiki - A general resource for Scala development.

Hyperpolyglot - A web site that compares the syntax of a BUNCH of languages including Scala.

Interview with Martin Odersky - This is a Dr. Dobb's interview with the creator of Scala talking about where the language is and where it is going.

Use of Scala at Foursquare - This links to one question and answer from a reddit interview with the lead engineer at Foursquare.

Twitter Moving Code to JVM - Twitter was one of the first major adopters of Scala. As they rewrite code, they move many things to Scala or Java. - Scala: The Revenge of the Static Typing - A nice general introduction to Scala.

Ninety-Nine Scala Problems - The title probably says it all for this one.