Element Split Filter

This filter is most useful when you are dealing with data that wasn't formatted particularly well for SwiftVis. It allows you to take values or parameteres from single elements and split them into separate elements. It is fairly simple to use once you understand the different options. There are seven based settings that you can set in this filter. They are listed and described briefly here before the discussion of what the filter does to produce output

The way this filter works is that it runs through all the elements in the source that are valid for the formulas in the take list. For each of those it does the following. It evaluates the take list formulas and puts each of them into a value slot. It then starts one counter at the start index and runs through a loop that counts to the number of elements to take. At the end of each iteration of this loop, the main counter is incremented by the step. Inside of this another counter is set to be equal to the main counter and a loop runs up to number in element. Each time through that loop, the parameter or value at the second index is moved over to the next slot in the new element then the inner counter is incremented by the stride.