FTP download files of Bob Jensen

Read this file if you have troubles getting the files downloaded into your computer.

You may have better luck downloading these files in Internet Explorer.

1. The URL is http://www.cs.trinity.edu/~rjensen

2. At the above URL you should see a listing of files, including the xls files.

3. Try a left or a right mouse click on a xls file to see if it downloads into
your computer.

4. You may get a macro virus warning. The files in this directory were prepared
by Bob Jensen and passed the latest McAfee virus screening at Trinity University.

If your browser has ActiveX controls turned off, you may have to temporarily
change this to a warning. In Internet Explorer you can do this by clicking on
menu choices (View, Internet Options, Security, Custom, Settings) and choose
the option to enable "ActiveX Controls Not Marked as Safe." Not all versions
have the same menu choices. You may need to contact a technician for help.

5. If the file downloads into your browser, click on menu choice (File, Save as) and
store the file in your hard drive or a floppy disk.

6. Your browser may be able to navigate the file, but you cannot make edits
and perform sensitivity analysis without reading the file in a spreadsheet
program such as Excel or Lotus 123.

7. If the file will not download or is appears as unreadable code in your browser,
you should contact a technician to configure your browser to download xls files.

Bob Jensen's email address is rjensen@trinity.edu
My web site is http://www.trinity.edu/~rjensen
My FTP download server is not the same as my main HTML file server.