Tutorial: Download & Installation of WinZip

Dr. Thomas E. Hicks
Computer Science Department
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Software Compression/Decompression

Compression and decompression applications exist for almost every type of computer. Files are compressed for three reasons:

  1. Reduce the size. This makes storage of floppy disk more likely.
  2. Combine  many files/folders into a single file.
  3. Make Internet tranport more efficient.
Files must be decompressed
  1. Return one or more files to their original state.

IBM PC Compression/Decompression

At one time there were several compression formats used on IBM PC computers. Today, most files for this hardware are compressed in a ZIP format. These compressed files easily recognizable because they have a .zip extension. The Internet is loaded with IBM ZIP files.

When a user downloads a ZIP file from the Internet, he/she must use some type of software decompresssion program to return the ZIP file to it's original state. There are many progams available at computer stores and on the Internet which will compress and/or decompress ZIP files.

Some of these are freeware; some are shareware. I have chosen the WinZip shareware application to describe because

  1. the shareware fee is reasonable
  2. it is the most popular package on the market
  3. it is one of the easiest for users
  4. it helps to remove many  of  those unnecessary files created by application programs; this saves disk space

Macintosh Compression/Decompression

The Macintosh world has not been quite a quick to agree upon one compression format. The Internet is loaded with Macintosh applications compressed in  HQX, BIN, or SIT  formats. These files easily recognizable because they have a .hqx , .bin, or .sit extension.

The most popular package to decompress Macintosh files is a freeware package called StuffIt Expander. It is not the purpose of this handout to demonstrate MacIntosh compression strategies, but all Internet users should at least recognize the common compression formats.

UNIX Compression/Decompression

For software compression, he UNIX community generally uses the TAR format. These files easily recognizable because they have a.tar extension. The UNIX operating system is complete with tar and untar utilities for compression and decompression.

Evaluation and Registration

WinZip is not free software. You are hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 21 days. If you use this software after the 21 day evaluation period a registration fee of $29 is required. Payments must be in US dollars drawn on a US bank, and should be sent to Nico Mak Computing, Inc., P.O. Box 919, Bristol, CT 06011- 0919. Credit card ordering and quantity discounts are available, as described in the section Ordering Information/Order Form. When payment is received you will be sent a registered copy of the latest version of WinZip.

Downloading WinZip

1]  Start your browser and go To Winzip's Home Page. http://www.winzip.com/

2]  Many web companies change their home page frequently. Somewhere on the page will be a link to Download an Evaluation Version. Our goal, after reaching winzip's home page is to download an evaluation copy of the WinZip shareware.  Somewhere on the page will be a link to Download an Evaluation Version. Using the mouse, push/select that  link! (See Below!)


3] Once again, we shall use the mouse to follow the links to the evaluation copy. Using the mouse, select/push the Evaluation Link. . (See Below!)

4] Using the mouse, select/push the Save Button. See Below!

5] At this time, you will be given an opportunity to select a desired download location. I would recommend downloading all software into the Temp folder on hard drive C. In the graphic below,

  1. the name for the download file will remain winzip81.exe
  2. the file transfer location will be C:\Temp
  3. using the mouse, push/select  the Save button! (See Below!)

6] Your browser will often attempt to approximate  the remaining download time. It is pretty small and will not take long.  (See Below!)

Installing WinZip

7]  Using the mouse, double-click on My Computer and double-click on folder Temp. From the graphic below, we can see that the downloaded file has 921 KB and is called  winzip81.exe. (See Below)


The download file, winzip81.exe, is a compressed, self-extracting archive. All self-extracting archive files have a .exe extension. In order to decompress any self-extracting archive, you need only double-click on the icon with your mouse! Do so at this time!

8] Using the mouse, select/push the Setup Button! (See Below)


9] Select where, on the hard drive, you want to install WinZip. Most people select C:\Program Files\WinZip
Since my Program Files directory is on drive D, I have selected to install the application in D:\Program Files\WinZip
Enter the desired location to store the winzip application; using the mouse, push/select the OK button! (See Below!)

Winzip offers some free upgrades when you purchase a registered copy of their software. If a legal copy has been previously purchased, you will get an opportunity to install this upgrade! Using the mouse, select/push the OK button. (See Below!)

10] Using the mouse, select/push the Setup Button! (See Below)

11] Take time to view the license agreement! Using the mouse, select/push the Yes button. (See Below!)

12] Message of thanks. Using the mouse, select/push the Next button.(See Below!)

13] Using the mouse, select/push the Start with WinZip Classic Radio Button. Using the mouse, select/push the Next button.(See Below!)

14]  Using the mouse, select/push the Next button.(See Below!)

15] Using the mouse, select/push the Finish button.(See Below!)

16]  WinZip is now installed. You now have an option to display tips whenever you start the program.  Do as you like!(See Below!)

17] All zipped files have a .zipextension. The Winzip application may now be used to decompress/unzip any files with a zip extension.  If you have an application to decompress/unzip, you may open it and do so at this time. Otherwise, close winzip! (See Below!)

16] As I mentioned above, there are freeware packages that will decompress .zip files; this package is so well designed and easy to use that it is well worth the investment. Should you choose not to pay the shareware fee, it is your responsibility to remove the Winzip software at the end of the free trial period.

17] Winzip must be installed on any computer used for decompression. Downloading it from the Internet takes connectivity and time. Those using a laboratory computers,  should copy  file C:\Temp\winzip81.exe  to a floppy disk in drive A in order to avoid repetitive downloads! It will fit on a high density 3.5" floppy disk!

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