Wonderful Photographs of Dorothy Climbing Mountains in the Winter
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

When Erika and I retired in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2006 we needed various kinds of work done inside and outside our cottage
Our new acquaintances told us that the best worker in New England was a woman named Dorothy
They were absolutely correct

Dorothy's a single mom with two degrees in etymology
However, she became more practical when she had to make a living for herself and her two children (now grown and living elsewhere)
One problem was that she wanted to stay local in a small town to help care for her aging mother
So she formed her own company that does many practical things locally
She occasionally hires a part-time helper but she does most of the work herself
Dorothy hires out for landscaping, tree/shrub planting, outdoor/indoor painting, tree cutting, wall papering, and building of rock fences
It's hard to say what service she performs best, because she's so good at everything she agrees to do
If you want to hire Dorothy be prepared to wait for months on end for her to have an opening
She's since become one of our closest friends in these mountains

When she's not doing jobs or helping her family she's off hiking and mountain climbing
Since we met her she's hiked the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail on her own
and hiked most of the hundreds of other trails in these parts
She's climbed to the summits from all four sides of out highest mountains

Dorothy sometimes hikes and climbs with younger companions
But they often don't repeat the effort because they can't keep up with her
She has the conditioning of an Olympian

I previously featured my photographs of Dorothy building a very long rock fence

She also loves to cook (usually organic things)
Yesterday when she brought some XMAS goodies to our cottage she mentioned that some friends took pictures of her recent climbs and snow shoe hikes
I requested that she send the photographs to me to share in editions Tidbits
This is the first set of what I hope are many sets to come










Dorothy's mother died in June 2019 at age 101
The family picture below was taken at an earlier time




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