Set 9 of My All Time Favorite Snow Photographs --- My Little Red Fox
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


The Farmers' Almanac predicted a mild winter for the 2017-2018 season
Boy was it wrong
The season started out with heavy snow in December followed by weeks of below-zero temperatures
The a some warming days in January reminded us of global warming with hard rains and high temperatures
Our deep snow disappeared then reappeared and then turned into deep ice after more rain

Now we're poised for the real winter that usually starts in February up here

The first snow of the season commences with rain and storm clouds that shroud our mountain views the day before the first snow


Note my camera camera reflected in the window in front of my desk


The first snow was relatively light in an early morning in December



My red fox appeared and was still able to find mole holes in the light snow cover



Cannon Mountain commenced to manufacture deeper snow on some of its 91 trails before Thanksgiving
The claim is that most of the millions of gallons taken from Echo Lake each day eventually make it back into Echo Lake


Soon the mountain tops were painted over with white powder and ice
Mt. Washington is 28 miles from my front-yard flag




The cranberry bush in front of my desk is ready for hungry birds and squirrels


As the snow grows deeper the temperature inches toward zero and below
Deer, turkeys, foxes, and even moose leave tracks in parts of our yard




The winds howl and wrap my neighbor's high flag around the pole
Last winter the flag was town into thin shreds


My closest neighbor lives on the coast near Boston
He and his family only show up now and then
This is the front of his house before Christmas


And this is snow across part of the window on the south side of our cottage


And this is my desk facing the mountains in the east





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