CSCI 1321 - Links

This page contains a number of links that you might find helpful during the course of the semester. I will be updating this page over the course of the semester. If you find anything that you think might be of interest to the class e-mail me a link and I will put it up here if it is appropriate.

Class Links

Project Description - This is the general description of the course project. It links to more detailed descriptions of exactly what you need to do for each assignment during the semester.

TogetherSoft - The IDE that we will be using for this class is Together, the main product of TogetherSoft. In the labs, under Linux you can run this program with the command /users/TogetherSoft/Together6.0/bin/ You can also make a shortcut for this and put it in your home directory or add an alias to it in your .bashrc file. If you want to be able to use this in your room, however, you will need to download and install Together from their site. Once your have the program downloaded and installed you can write me an e-mail at to ask for the license key that you will need to be able to run it.

Together 6.0.1 Download - This link will take you to a page from which you can download version 6.0.1. We have a license for ControlCenter. I'm not certain what would be required for the others and if they will do what you need for this class.

Java Links

Sun's Java Site - This has all types of things related to Java in it. I have many links directly to other parts of this site.

Java 1.4 download - Download a new version for the computer you are working on.

Java 1.4 API Documentation - This is a remarkably helpful link because it gives you quick access to the entire API. You can quickly navigate between any of the libraries in Java.

Java Tutorial - This actually links to a page with many different tutorials on many different parts of Java. It's not as comprehensive as the API, but it often does a better job of linking between different classes and packages to show you how to use things and what really works.

Java Developer Connection - This is something that you might consider signing up for. It gives you access to a lot more at the Sun Java site. Included in that are a lot of different tutorials that you can't get to without it.

javadoc Documentation - Pages discussing how to write comments for and use javadoc. In particular you might want to look at this page on Documentation Comments.

Java Ranch - A site that was originally aimed at helping people with Java certification but which has grown a bit since then.

Java Without an IDE - This page was written by Dr. Massingill to give instruction on how you can do your Java work from the command line.

O'Reilly's ONJava - Another site on Java that inevitably goes WAY beyond this course, but you might find some good information there and can certainly use it as a reference later on.

RoboCode - This is a site at IBM where they let you write Java code to control robot tanks that battle one another.

General Links

TopCoder - This site has weekly programming competitions where you can compete in Java (as well as C++ or C#).