SFAS 133 Tutorial and Glossary Files
Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities

Bob Jensen at Trinity University

In June 1998, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued SFAS 133.  I am developing tutorial files for my students and am willing to share these with you if your browser is configured for downloading such files.  If you have downloading problems you must contact your own technicians to resolve these troubles.  The files have downloaded properly in our downloading tests in various computer labs at Trinity University.

Overview File With Audio

I wrote a new introduction to FAS 133 and IAS 39 on Accounting for Derivative Financial Instruments and Hedging Activities.   It includes audio clips from experts.  
See http://www.cs.trinity.edu/~rjensen/000overview/mp3/133intro.htm 

My request is that you contact me about corrections and suggestions for improvements.   I would especially like it if you could provide me with some added questions and answers.  Carl Hubbard and I will soon have two papers appearing in Derivatives Report.  They deal with Examples 2 and 5 of SFAS 133.

At Trinity University, we are having better luck downloading the xls Excel files in Internet Explorer.  If you have trouble downloading the xls files, click here for some hints that may help you get these files into your computer.


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Many of the  Excel xls files are workbooks that each have three or more sheets.  The usual pattern is as follows:


The Muppets

I wrote a document (screen play? short story? tutorial? case?) that is a takeoff on the Muppets.  It is entitled "Clyde Gives Brother Hat a Lesson in Arbitrage" and can be found at http://www.trinity.edu/rjensen/acct5341/speakers/muppets.htm 

One section in the appendix of the above document deals with some controversial issues of fair value accounting and makes reference to sections of both the FASB's new Exposure Draft on fair value accounting and the JWG position paper of the IASC on fair value accounting for banks.

You may also want to take a look at my Working Paper 231
Legal Settlement Exit Value Amortization Rate Accounting for Custom Interest Rate Swaps Having No Market Trading
A special Excel spreadsheet set of questions and detailed illustrations of yield curve derivations and interest accrual derivations can be downloaded by double clicking on the file 133exb.xls file in the listing of excel files at http://www.cs.trinity.edu/~rjensen

I hope that these will be of some help to you and your students.  These tutorials are in the first draft stage.  They will be corrected and added to as time permits.

The FASB has a CD-ROM tutorial on SFAS 133.  See http://www.rutgers.edu/Accounting/raw/fasb/ 

The FASB's Derivatives Implementation Group website is http://www.rutgers.edu/Accounting/raw/fasb/public/index.html 

The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) has some excellent free tutorials on derivatives investment and hedging strategies.  These do not help much, however, in learning about accounting for derivatives under SFAS 133 and IAS 39.  You must download the Authorware player per instructions at http://www.cboe.com/education/ 


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Bob Jensen at Trinity University