Set 04 of Dorothy's Winter and Early Springtime Wonderland
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

When Erika and I retired in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2006 we needed various kinds of work done inside and outside our cottage
Our new acquaintances told us that the best worker in New England was a woman named Dorothy
They were absolutely correct

You can read my introduction to Dorothy in Sets 1, 2, and 3 of her Winter Wonderland

Dorothy sometimes hikes and climbs with companions who take the photographs
In winter Dorothy hikes and climbs mountains wearing snowshoes
She's becoming a hiking and climbing legend in these parts
Most of the photographs Dorothy forwarded to me were taken by climbing companion Bill Fratis
Other companions who take her pictures on hikes in these mountains are
Eric Cafazzo, Al Parzych, Rachel Bal

I first featured my photographs of Dorothy building a very long rock fence

Set 04 today is a mixture of pictures sent to me by Dorothy. The first picture was taken about two miles
down the hill from our cottage by one of Dorothy's photographer friends
It features a handsome bear going after a bird feeder
Bird feed is among the most popular targets of hungry bears coming out of hibernation
This particular bear is particularly handsome
Our black bears will not harm you unless you provoke them (don't go near their cubs)


A few years back I snapped this picture of a bear outside our back door
It had just pulled our steep pole that held up our hummingbird feeder


Here's an early spring picture of Dorothy on a climb up Mt. Tom


I'm not certain, but I think the next few pictures were taken on a climb up Mt. Pierce


The pile of rocks behind Dorothy is a trail marker on the Appalachian Trail than runs along mountain tops of the Presidential Range in NH
Above timberline rock piles mark the Appalachian Trail that terminates atop Mt. Katahdin in Maine
Among her many other fetes Dorothy soloed the entire 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail
The northern miles of that trail are the most difficult parts of the Trail



The next two pictures were taken on a climb up nearby Cannon Mountain



The next two pictures were taken on Mt. Moosilauke



I'm not sure what mountain is featured below


Dorothy sent these early springtime flowers



Dorothy's summertime business is painting and landscaping
One of her many specialties is building rock walls
In a future edition I will feature more pictures like the one shown below



You can read my introduction to Dorothy in Sets 1, 2, and 3 of her Winter Wonderland


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Our address is 190 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Our cottage was known as the Brayton Cottage in the early 1900s
Sunset Hill is a ridge overlooking with New Hampshire's White Mountains to the East
and Vermont's Green Mountains to the West



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