Set 1 of My Night Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


I've posted a lot of photographs on the Web after retiring in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

But I'm strictly and amateur photographer using cheap cameras
I'm also a lazy photographer who does not travel far for pitures
I mostly click pictures from the front room, the back bedroom, or my yard
Fortunately the views are both spectacular and always changing from these three vantage points

I take a lot of photographs by day and rarely by night
Good night photography requires expensive equipment that I own
Hence I'm almost embarrassed by my night shots shown below
So embarrassed that I will add a few recent day shots to round out this page

Some of the pictures below are zoomed with the camera


I took the picture below while seated at my desk


This picture was taken from the back of our livingroom
























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Memorial Day 2013 destructive snow that could've been worse  

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Our address is 190 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Our cottage was known as the Brayton Cottage in the early 1900s
Sunset Hill is a ridge overlooking with New Hampshire's White Mountains to the East
and Vermont's Green Mountains to the West



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