Set 10 of My All Time Favorite Snow Photographs --- My Little Red Fox
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

January's hard rains took away our deep December snow
The snow returned in February on top of thick ice
I have to wear ice cleats just to walk down the driveway for the mail
February is usually our hardest winter month
But thus far it's not as cold as were those 2-3 weeks of frigid below-zero weather in December

This is a sunrise in November showing the pointed Mt. Garfield on the left and Mt. Lafayette on the right


This Kinsman Range shot shows Mt. Lincoln to the left. Cannon Mountain in the middle, and one of the Three Graces on the right
Franconia Notch separates Lafayette/Lincoln mountains from Cannon Mountain
On the bottom is my row of wild roses that go dormant throughout our long winter




Bode Miller grew up in these parts and learned how to ski on Cannon Mountain where is mother was a bookkeeper
I read where he has the most Olympic medals of any racer


When the snow is not deep enough, Cannon Mountain has 500+ snow making machines


I don't need to make my own snow


This is a view of Mt. Lafayette from my Driveway.
Cannon Mountain is on the right in this picture


In front of my desk is a large cranberry bush
The birds and squirrels don't care much for the wild cranberries and cherries until there's not much else to eat
Then in February they usually strip the cranbery bushes and my cherry tree in a matter of days




Can you spot the little red squirrel munching on cranberries in February



He looks cute, but he's really a bully and sometimes steals all the peanuts I put out for my chipmonks


It's the blue jays that strip most of the cranberries
In these mountains blue jays are almost a big as pigeons
And they're such skittish birds it's hard to have them sit long enough for photographs
Here's an ever-watchful blue jay in our front hydrangea tree


The wild turkeys are usually too late on the scene for many cranberries, but they eat a lot of cherries


If you look closely in this tree you will see a crow finding something to eat
The crows gratefully knock off a lot of snow from my spruce trees



Last spring a barn owl knocked itself out flying into our frond door


It eventually regained conscousness and sat on our window box for the longest time trying to get up the fitness to fly


Here's my little red fox looking for mole holes in November before the snow got deep


In February the cactus behind my desk is in full bloom
It's like I took a selfie in this shot






These mountains may look close, but they're 10 miles from our front yard



Mt. Washington's 28 miles to our northeast (in the White Mountain Presidential Range)




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