Creating Pages for the World-Wide Web

This page (roughly) outlines a TUCC short course which took place Monday, July 24, 1995. The course was taught jointly by The course and these pages provide an introduction to the World-Wide Web and authoring Web documents. Course attendees also authored their own Web documents on the platform of their choice (PC, Mac, or UNIX).

Course Outline

We'll begin with a lecture/demonstration: a brief Web tour and construction from scratch of a simple document which illustrates the main points of Web authoring.
  1. Introduction to the Web: what it looks like and how to get around using a Web browser
  2. Formatting multimedia documents using HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  3. Linking documents together using HTML anchors and Uniform Resource Locators (URL's)
  4. More advanced stuff like forms, tables, clickable maps, HTML 3, Netscape enhancements, advice on style, etc.
  5. Web authoring tools of various types for various computers
Now you're ready to write your page. Choose a computer and an authoring tool, and you're on-line!


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Author: Jim McDonald <>
Last modified: Fri Jul 21 15:39:09 1995