Set 11 of My Snow Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


I'm writing this in late July 2018
June was cool and wet
July was hot and humid and short on rain except for the last week when we had some badly needed rains
The rest of the nation had record setting high temperatures
So I'll try to cool things off with some winter pictures, most of which were taken in early 2018
There are also a few snow pictures from years past
I like all seasons, but summer is my least favorite believe it or not
Give me the cooler weather of any other season

This is my flag on a winter day during a strong, northwest wind


This is the same flag on a calmer day
Mt. Washington (28 miles) is in the background
A squirrel is in the foreground eating cranberries
I took this picture from my desk




These are the three flower boxes on our front porch



This is a close up of that squirrel eating our cranberries




This is a crow finding something to eat in a small spruce tree along the driveway



We had quite a lot of snow for Cannon Mountain's 90+ ski trails
But skiers always want the mountain to make more snow
These are the newer huge snow making guns at work on a trail visible from my desk


The highlight of the picture below is not the blooming cactus
The highlight is me in the mirror (a selfie of sorts)


Early in the winter while the grass was still green
This was my little red fox nosing around mole holes in our front lawn


Remembrances of Boston in 2015







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Memorial Day 2013 destructive snow that could've been worse  

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