CSCI 1120 (Low-Level Computing):
Lecture Topics and Assignments

The table below shows what we will be discussing in each class meeting, readings (chapters from the textbook unless otherwise indicated), and due dates for homeworks. Homework is due at 11:59pm on the date shown, unless otherwise indicated.

Date Topics Reading Due dates
August 23 (W) About the course; short introducion to C (Notes)    
August 30 (W) Introduction to C, continued (Notes) Reading for 08/30 Homework 1: HTML, PDF (accepted without penalty through 9/01)  
September 6 (W) Conditional execution and functions in C (Notes) Reading for 09/06 Homework 2: HTML, PDF  
September 13 (W) Loops and arrays in C (Notes) Reading for 09/13 Homework 3: HTML, PDF  
September 20 (W) A little about ``random'' numbers; pointers and strings in C (Notes) Reading for 09/20  
September 27 (W) Pointers, characters, and strings, continued; command-line arguments in C (Notes)   Homework 4: HTML, PDF  
October 4 (W) I/O and files in C (Notes) Reading for 10/04  
October 11 (W) Dynamic memory allocation and function pointers in C (Notes) Reading for 10/11 Homework 5: HTML, PDF  
October 18 (W) The C preprocessor; makefiles (Notes) Reading for 10/18  
October 25 (W) User-defined types (Notes) Reading for 10/25 Homework 6: HTML, PDF  
November 1 (W) Linked data structures, continued (Notes)    
November 8 (W) Data representation; a little about 2D arrays in C (Notes) Reading for 11/08  
November 15 (W) Homeworks 7 and 8; more about data representation (Notes)    
November 22 (W) Holiday    
November 29 (W) Course wrap-up and evaluations (Preliminary notes)   Homework 7: HTML, PDF; Homework 8: HTML, PDF (both accepted without penalty through December 5, but not past December 14 at noon)