Set 12 of My Snow Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I'm writing this in early December 2018 when it's below 0F outside
Global warming brought us a hard winter well before Thanksgiving
And there's no letup in sight


No matter how much snow is on the many Cannon Mountain ski trails the snow machines
are always making more snow in the early morning
I took this picture of the big ski guns transforming Echo Lake water into ski powder



This is my rig for snow removal
The snow thrower is on the back of the tractor
It works well, and I don't mind having to move the tractor in reverse
I also use the front end loader some of the time, especially to remove slush before it turns into hard, rough ice




This was our largest forsythia bush on in the early spring


This was that same bush slightly before Thanksgiving in 2018
I took the pictures of the bush below from a different angle
Note how the heavy snow is was weighting down the branches



Note the window boxes in Summer 2018


Note those same window boxes in November 2018



We had beautiful New Guinea Impatiens in Summer 2018


Hard freezes always kill my beautiful impatiens
But they bloom from June until October
Usually I dig the dead impatiens out of the ground before snow flies
This year the heavy snow hit so early that my impatiens are locked in the ground until next spring
I did not even get Erika's rose bushes covered --- Sigh





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