Wes Lavin's 2018 June Part 2 --- Featuring an Old Split Tree in Our Wildflower Field
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


My friend Wes Lavin is a better photographer than me.
Firstly, he has better equipment than me.
Secondly he travels all over northern  New England just to take pictures in different seasons.
Most of my photographs are closer to home, and I'm not really into photography
Wes in into photography as a retired school teacher

This week I feature some of his small town Fourth of July celebrations (Sugar Hill and Colebrook, New Hampshire

This is Sugar Hill's only downtown store (Harmon's Cheese House and Country Store) ---


Sugar Hill celebrates summer earlier on in June's Lupine Festival with some tents across from Harmon's (and helicopter rides)


A saying from the 1940s or before is that the Sugar Hill Volunteer Fire Department is best at saving basements
This old fire truck was years ago replaced by several modern trucks



This is the Sugar Hill Meeting House where we vote and attend concerts on occasion by local performers


A few blocks south of downtown Sugar Hill our close friends put up this scarecrow in their wonderful garden


Two miles down the road from our cottage is the Robert Frost Museum where this Congressional Gold Medal winner wrote poetry
He only lived in these parts for five years brfore move moving to southern Vermont where winter was not so hard on his beloved apple orchard

Bob Jensen's photographs of the Robert Frost Museum are at


Between Sugar Hill and Lisbon there's a small lake called Pearl Lake
Wes Lavin photographed this beaver lodge on the lake


This a a great lupine field alongside Pearl Lake




Many small towns have parades across the USA on July 4 (Independence Day)
Wes Lavin was in Colebrook, NH for the parade






Showing some skin the way it's done in Colebrook



Wes Stayed for the nighttime fireworks in Colebrook






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After the Sunset Hill House Resort was nearly all demolished in 1973, our cottage (before it was ours)
was moved in 1977 from the golf course across a tennis court and up to where the former hotel site.
I show pictures of the preparation work prior to the moving the cottage and its four fireplaces

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On May 14, 2006 I retired from Trinity University after a long and wonderful career as an accounting professor in four universities. I was generously granted "Emeritus" status by the Trustees of Trinity University. My wife and I now live in a cottage in the White Mountains of New Hampshire ---


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Our address is 190 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Our cottage was known as the Brayton Cottage in the early 1900s
Sunset Hill is a ridge overlooking with New Hampshire's White Mountains to the East
and Vermont's Green Mountains to the West



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